Ayers Government Bond Fund


Custodian Bank Maybank
Currency IDR
NAV Valuation Daily
Investment Policy 80%-100% Debt Securities
0%-20% Money Market Instrument
Minimum Initial Subscription IDR 100,000,-
Minimum Subscription IDR 100,000,-
Total Unit Offered 1,000,000,000 units
Fees Management Fee:
Max 2% per annum
Custodian Fee: Max 0.15% per annum
Subscription Fee: Max 1%
Redemption Fee: none
Switching Fee: Max 0.5%
Feel the comfort and easy experience of Investing in Ayers Government Bond Fund

Our experienced professional investment team and supported by comprehensive research will manage your investment portfolio.

Enjoy the investment benefits:

  • The Unit participants can be liquidated at any time on market exchange day.
  • Gain competitive return with minimum investment risk.
  • Transparent, because the records and book keeping is conducted by custodian bank and supervised by OJK.

How to invest at Ayers Government Bond Fund:

  1. Read and understand the prospectus including the subscription, redemption procedure of the unit participants and its risks.
  2. Complete and correctly fill the opening account form (for initial subscription)/ subscription (for next subscription) and investor investment risk profile.
  3. Transfer the funds to :
    Acc. Name : RD Ayers Government Bond Fund
    Bank : Maybank
    Acc. No. : 2-259-801230
  4. Send the opening account/subscription form and investor investment risk profile, proof of payment and ID copy by fax no: +6221 2788 9450 or email to, before the cut off time at 13:00 on market exchange day.
  5. Confirm the subscription made.
  6. Subscription will proceed after the form and funds are received.
  7. Subscription confirmation letter will be sent by custodian bank the latest in 7 (seven) market exchange day after the subscription is conducted.

Investment Goal:
Providing a stable investment growth rate with minimum risk in accordance with the nature and character of investment in debt securities issued by the government of Republic Indonesia.

Investment Strategy:
The investment team will actively manage your portfolio mainly in debt securities issued by the government of the Republic of Indonesia and a smaller portion allocated to domestic money market instruments.


Disclaimer: Mutual fund product is not guaranteed by PT Ayers Asia Asset Management (AAAM) as Investment Manager. Past Performance is not an indication of future performance. Investment trough mutual fund consists of risk, potential investors are suggested to read and understand the prospectus content before investing. Daily Net Asset Value (NAV) may increase and / or decrease depending on the market price of the securities in the portfolio.